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Turn-key services for the boat owner, buyer, seller
and the crew, specializing in sales, service and maintenance
as well as yacht and marina management.

Turn-key services for the boat owner, buyer, seller and the crew, specializing in sales, service and maintenance as well as yacht and marina management.

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Marine Survey
Looking for pre-purchase surveys for yacht? Get a capital evaluation survey.

Crew Supply
We supply captains, officers, engineers, chefs, stewardess, deckhands

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We offer a full range of yacht management services.

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Our industrial shrink wrap films and installations are regarded as the best in the industry.

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Yacht Delivery
We'll deliver your vessel to the selected destination in pristine condition.

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Marine survey

No matter how experienced a sailor you are or how many boats you have owned previously, purchasing a yacht without the help of a trained surveyor is asking for trouble.

Pre-purchase Survey
Pre-purchase Opinion
Safety Surveys
Underwater Hull Survey
Damage Inspection
Sea Trial
Compliance Inspections

Never buy a boat without a survey.

Pre-Purchase Condition Survey
A pre-purchase condition survey is a detailed and comprehensive examination of the entire vessel and all her mechanical and electrical systems. It includes hauling out for a wetted surface inspection as well as a sea trial.

Insurance and Pre-Purchase Surveys take 1 or 2 days to complete, depending on the size of the vessel and the time needed for haul-out and sea trials. It takes a further 2 or 3 working days to complete the official Survey Report. The survey fee is based on vessel LOA.

Pre-Purchase Opinion
The perfect solution for anyone interested in buying a used boat from afar. For example a vessel advertised in a magazine or on a yacht broker’s website. Before you commit to a contract or a deposit, simply assign a qualified surveyor to visit the boat and have a good look around. The surveyor will then advise you whether or not to take the next step.

Pre-Purchase Opinions are “verbal only” and are a great way to save time -and money- for all parties involved.

Stand out above the rest and show your clients that your vessel is as safe as those operating in their home countries.

Safety Surveys
A comprehensive inspection of all safety equipment, installations and procedures on board to determine if Flag state Authority or Code requirements are met. An absolute must –and a great marketing tool!- for vessels in commercial operation such as charter- and dive boats, especially those operating in local UAE waters.

Sealine marine surveys to MCA Small Commercial Vessel (MGN280) Code and/or SOLAS/IMO standards.

Underwater Hull Surveys
In cases where haul-out or dry-docking is not practical or possible, a diving inspection of the underwater areas is the solution. This inspection can include photos or video footage if required.

Need a valuation?

Less detailed than a full survey, appraisals are carried out to determine the fair market value of a vessel for insurance, financing, partial ownership situations or to determine a selling price before putting a vessel on the market.

Damage Inspection
In case of damage due to collision, grounding or severe weather the insurance company assigns a surveyor to assess the extent and – if required - the cause of the damage. The report includes repair recommendations and – if needed - the surveyor will assist in getting cost estimates for the repair.

Sea Trial
Sea trials determine the performance, handling, sea keeping and reliability of a vessel after re-fit or repairs or when considered for purchase. The surveyor will systematically take the vessel through all its paces, observe the machinery and systems and give you a professional opinion of the vessel in action

Planning to register your vessel in a foreign country?

Compliance Inspections
The Code requirements for safety equipment, machinery installation and pollution prevention systems can be daunting. Sealine is familiar with all the documentation and can make the procedure as painless as possible. Most Registrars require a qualified surveyor to sign off on the Compliance Checklist so letting experienced people handle your registration right from the start saves time and reduces the headache factor to near zero.

Crew Supply

Sealine provides captains, officers, engineers, chefs, stewardess, deckhands.

We specialize in assisting Private and commercial Yachts with the sourcing and placement of crews whether on a daily, a seasonal or a permanent basis. The traits for potential crew members that we believe are most important are that they are good at what they do and that they are reliable, and it is these two traits by which we filter and screen all of the candidates in our database.

Looking for crew?
This is great opportunity to have fully screened crew members with the correct documentation already in place with a peace of mind guarantee and ready to place within 24 hours.

If you're planning to hire crew fill out this simple form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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Looking for a crew position?
For potential crew members this is an open door to finding work in the UAE and in the Med. It presents you with the opportunity of having a new position lined up for as soon as you arrive.

If you're looking for a crew job kindly submit your details and get the latest offers.
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We offer a full range of yacht management services.

Safety and Security

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Financial Administration

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Crew Administration

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We believe that Sealines shrink-wrap process is the most versatile and economical system available to the industrial market today.

Sealine specialize in the distribution and installation of polyethylene shrink film, shrink wrap, and technical service to a wide range of industries. Our quality products and innovative approach are recognized around the world as a standard to measure by.

Our Flame Retardant commercial shrink wraps are carefully formulated to a superior industrial shrink wrap sheeting – setting new standards in the containment industry for its amazing strengths, durability, versatility and low maintenance.

We carry several different shrink wraps in flame retardant and non flame retardant sizes and mil thickness for all types of construction projects, weatherization wrapping and environmental containment applications.

yacht delivery

We've never failed to complete a delivery and will do everything possible to continue our impeccable reputation.

Our mission at Sealine Yacht Delivery is to provide select owners, agents and brokers with the best value and highest quality professional yacht delivery service.

To date we have logged over 100,000 miles crossing many oceans around the world while consistently maintaining a perfect safety record and the highest level of customer satisfaction. We take pride and pleasure in efficiently delivering each vessel to the selected destination in pristine condition.

For more information about our service please call our office or email us below. It will be our pleasure to assist in the planning of your next yacht delivery.

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